Love and Faith

[The Glory Unveiled]

For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love. ( Galatians 5:6 )

The Bible could actually be summarised into the two words, love and faith. The pages of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation are painted with the love of God and His hand of fellowship to us experiential by faith. God extends love to us, we see and receive it by faith after which we become distributors of that love. So for our faith to be known by others, it must be expressed through love. Hence the apostle Paul says in conclusion, what matters is faith expressed through love. In effect, without faith we cannot adequately express our love to God and without God’s love, we cannot receive faith in the first place because God is Love. Love and faith are like two strands of fiber that must be carefully woven together to form a beautiful fabric. One strand is not enough. Faith comes to us when we hear the Goodnews and the love of God is shared abroad in our hearts. That is what matters, not what we do to our flesh according to the Laws of Moses. Let faith and love be our new normal!

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  1. God,s love was expressed to mankind by given his only begotten son to us whoever believes in him will not perish but live
    Our faith is built upon the only begotten son Jesus Christ who redeemed us and reconcised us to the father.

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