The Blessing is in the doing

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Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them. ( John 13:17 )

There is a common statement that says there is nothing free, even in Freetown. Usually, whatever we see to be free cost someone else something. So in that regard nothing can actually be free in the “free” sense of the word. In the body of Christ, the concept of free has excused many of us from our responsibilities, making the majority of believers lazy. There are those who still believe that manna would just fall from heaven into their laps—yes, miracles do happen. But a General of the faith once said that more miracles happen with a prepared mind. Jesus had just taught His disciples a very important lesson that needed emulation. But He (in our focal verse) tells His disciples that knowing about the lesson is not enough. Because mere knowledge wouldn’t permit the blessings to come upon a person. What allows the blessings is the doing of what we have been told to do. Almost every believer knows of the blessings of God recorded in scripture and often claim them by word of mouth. But it is only a few who dare to go beyond “I receive” to doing what is required to acquire it. In the Old Testament (Ezra 9:12) the LORD told his people that they would eat the good of the land if they do not do certain things. So even then, the blessing came with a responsibility. Responsibilities protect the blessings of the Lord against abuse. So that any one willing to take responsibilities for the blessings could partner in it. We would be blessed if we do what we know to do that God impresses on us to do. We participate in the blessing by partaking in the responsibility.

Prayer_Bead: Awesome God, Faithful Father, thank you for your words. I pray that you will guide me by Your Holy Spirit to do all that is required of me to partake in your blessings.

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  1. hi brother,
    i agree in a hundred percent on what it is said here. Thanks ! It is good to realise that more and more christians gives credits to the work of faith versus the majority who thinks that the Grâce of God means to wait the salvation without doing nothing !

    God bless you brother !


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