Super ordinary life

[ The Glory Unveiled ]

The sun will no more be your light by day,
nor will the brightness of the moon shine on you, for the LORD will be your everlasting light,
and your God will be your glory.( Isaiah 60:19 )

The Believer is called to extraordinary life. Everything about and around the Believer is supposed to scream “out of ordinary “. Ordinarily, the sun is the giver of light by day and the moon supplies light at night. So that ordinarily, whenever these entities refuse to give light at their designated times, the ordinary man or woman experiences darkness. But here, in this verse of scripture, we see an entirely different situation, one that is not in line with the normal way of things. God says in effect, what used to be our norm will cease to be the norm hence forth. God is using us to break the status quo and to usher in a new order; the order of super ordinary manifestations. Instead of the world or its systems giving us light almost to our detriment, God is now our everlasting light and glory. God does not disappoint, He does not change like the weather. But all these can only be a reality if or when God becomes our Lord and partner. If you have not permitted Him to be Lord over you, please do that today.

Prayer_Bead: Father in heaven, thank you for reconciling me unto yourself through Christ Jesus. I accept the Lordship of Jesus over my life. Forgive me my transgressions and sins. Be my Lord and Saviour, and shine your light in my heart, in Jesus name.

#GNews: Unveiling the glory of God.

Know your spiritual tribe

[The Glory Unveiled]

No inheritance may pass from one tribe to another, for each Israelite tribe is to keep the land it inherits.” ( Numbers 36:9 )

Spiritual heritage is very important especially in our day and age. Finding and knowing one’s spiritual ancestry is crucial to the core mandate of our call. The instructions given by God, through Moses to Joshua to be carried out was that, the inheritance (land) should be shared according to tribes and among tribes. There was no other way by which anyone in Israel could have a land allotted to them. Once you belong to a particular ancestry, you can be sure of your share of an inheritance. The problem arises when you don’t know your tribe or you have none, as a result of not knowing your source or not belonging to that lineage. But whatever the case may be, without a connection to a tribe, there is no inheritance and hence there is no legacy to be left. Likewise, our spiritual tribes determine what ripple effects we will leave on the earth and how effective that impact could be. The scripture above says, no inheritance should pass from one tribe to another, but each should keep what they have. Spiritually too, no one can partake in the inheritance of another tribe no matter how hard they try. The best they could do is to pretend or fake the inheritance of that tribe. Unfortunately many of us think we can just stand alone, without spiritual tribes and covering. This is probably the reason for many of the errors and ineffectiveness we see in ministry all around. Are you a prophet, quit acting like a teacher. Are you an evangelist, quit acting like a prophet. Remain in your tribe and you will be relevant.

Prayer_Bead: God of the universe and all its resulting effects, thank you for bringing me up in a particular tribe. Guide me to recognize my tribe and to remain committed to that lineage. Make me a partake of the inheritance of my tribe.

#GNews: Unveiling the glory of God.

Behavioral red flags

Before a downfall the heart is haughty,
but humility comes before honor. ( Proverbs 18:12 )

If ever anyone of us will be cautioned just right before we step into trouble there would have been half the problems in the world today. Fortunately for the Believer, the Lord, because of His love for us has not left us in the dark concerning these matters. Instead through his word, God exposes the red flags on our way to greatness and recognition. So that when we pay heed, we will be decorated with honour after the order of God’s ordination and institution. Our anchor scripture says the heart always becomes haughty before any downfall. This means that nobody enters or stumbles into a downfall, a difficult situation without the heart going ahead of them into haughtiness. And on the other hand, humility always precedes honour and glory. In that same vein, the life of a person can be predicted to end in honour if they walk in constant humility. The ball is therefore in our court; the onus lies with us. What becomes of us depends on what we make of this verse of scripture, should we choose the path of humility or the path of haughtiness.

Prayer_Bead: Merciful and everlasting King, prince of peace, thank you for the power of your word. Give me a discerning heart and an understanding mind. And teach me to walk in humility and love.

#GNews: Unveiling the glory of God.

Is anything too hard for God?

[ The Glory Unveiled ]

“I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me? ( Jeremiah 32:27 )

In the dark world, there are specialized spirits, demons and gods. There are gods who specialize in specific fields and so whenever they are confronted with situations outside their main line of operations, they become redundant. People who have been exposed to the activities of such gods find it difficult to accept the testimony of God expressed through Jesus. To many of these people, God is specialized in only specific areas and so when confronted with challenges in other areas, they want to handle it themselves. But before God would ask whether anything is too hard for him, he defines Himself; to distinct Himself from the rest of the gods. God Almighty is God over all humanity. But then the response to the question, “Is there anything too hard for me” determines what outcome we experience. Whatever we think is too hard for God to do, we cannot trust God to do it. This is why our response to the question is quite integral to our overall outlook on life.

Prayer_Bead: Father, I thank you for who you are and who you are to me. Thank you for what you will do and what you have done already because there is nothing too hard for you.

#GNews: Unveiling the Glory of God.

Whose report will you believe?

[The Glory Unveiled]

Who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed? ( Isaiah 53:1 )

In today’s world, we are confronted with so many messages and doctrines. The world is saying so much. Everyday we are bombarded with thousand and millions of sounds and texts. So much and so many things come at us at the same time. But in the midst of all the noise and the distractions, we are asked a very subtle, yet powerful question. Whose report will we believe? We are free to listen to anything but what we believe is what defines us. The things we believe make up our ideologies and our belief system. What we believe determines what we experience. The arm of the Lord is revealed to anyone who believes the report of the Lord. The arm of the Lord is not just revealed to anyone just for nothing. It is triggered by the things we believe in. Also, our thinking and actions are premised by the things we believe as truth. So decide the trajectory of your life by deciding whose report you will believe.

Prayer_Bead: Gracious Lord, thank you for showing me mercy and extending your love to me to receive your report as the truth. Thank you Daddy for revealing your arm in my situations.

#GNews: Unveiling the glory of God.