It’s only because of Faith

[The Glory Unveiled]

Because of faith the walls of Jericho fell down after they had been encompassed for seven days [by the Israelites] [ Hebrews 11:30 ]

Contrary to popular opinions, the wall of Jericho did not fall down to the ground because of the “religious” ritual of going round it for seven days. God was able to pull down the wall even if the wall was not encompassed for seven days. The force that pushed down that great wall was incubated in the loins of faith. The faith of the Israelites were born out of obedience–adherence–to the revealed word of God. The verse of scripture is introduced as “Because of faith….” to mean that the result that was actualized did not come but by and through faith. Faith is the substance of the things we hope to achieve and the evidence we have of what is yet to be. But the Israelites, due to the weakness of their faith were instructed to connect their faith to (put their faith in the acts) what they did. But in the new covenant, we discover that, the real substance was and is in Christ. Everything we desire to have and would have is closed up in Christ. And we reach it by the hand of faith which is given through the knowledge of Christ. Pull down your own version of any Jericho wall with the potent force of faith.

Prayer_Bead: Father Lord, activate my faith receptacles. Help me by the Holy Spirit to trust you beyond the acts and the arts.

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