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[The Glory Unveiled]

We love because he first loved us. ( 1 John 4:19 )

We are in the season of love. And it is only appropriate we turn our lens to the topic of love. Love has lately been misunderstood or abused. The scripture says we love because He first loved us. This means that without He (Christ), we do not know what love is and cannot love as a result. Jesus is the portrait of love for us. Today, in our pursuit of love and our search for it, we need to have the portrait in front of us, Christ. So that love will flow from that trajectory to us. We cannot love in isolation from Christ neither can we be loved without Christ. We can only love God because He first loved us and we can love our neighbors because God first shared His love abroad in our hearts. Let brotherly love continue.

Prayer_Bead: Thank you Lord Jesus for your love for me. Help me to express your love to the world.

#GNews: Unveiling hearts to Christ.

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