Performance by Faith

[The Glory Unveiled]

Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!” ( Luke 1:45 )

This verse of scripture is very noteworthy, for the singular reason of the pronouns “she” and “her”, buried in the heart of the verse. Many women have consciously or unconsciously custom made the scriptures of blessings in the Bible to the male. But fortunately, right at the foot of this verse, the Holy Spirit is teaching us that the word of God is to women as much as to men. Many of us go for meetings with the hope of receiving a word from the minister. Some will do anything humanly possible to be prophesied to in meetings. In reality, it is not a matter of what is said to us as it is of our belief. Many people go about boasting about what manner of prophecies they have received, what revelations they have had. They are those who believe that just because they have been told something, there will be a performance of those things automatically. But the verse above is screaming to differ. The performance of the word of God is as a result of unwavering faith (believe) in God. Then and only then is the blessing of that word experienced. There is no way around it.  Without faith, a believer is just living in a fairy tale universe. Believe in the word spoken to you.

Prayer_Bead: Ancient of Days, Omnipresent father, thank you for your specific word to me. Help me to believe in you and in what was spoken to me in your word.

#GNews: Unveiling the glory of God.

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