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[The Glory Unveiled]

Then God opened her [Hagar’s] eyes and she saw a well of water. So she went and filled the skin with water and gave the boy [Ishmael] a drink. ( Genesis 21 :19 )

The verse of Scripture is an excerpt from the account of Hagar’s banishment from the family of Abraham. On her way, she and her baby Ishmael ran out of water. Now, at the very point where Hagar had despaired and gave up her search, that was the very area where her solution was. The well of water was very close to Hagar but she couldn’t see it. Sometimes, in our search for things–peace, protection, security, food–we quit [give up] before we are opportuned to see breakthroughs. Hagar, like most of us came to her cross roads, she felt she couldn’t go any further. Particularly in these times, we are faced with very challenging crisis on every side, issues beyond our ability and control are fast demanding our attention. And unfortunately we don’t have the solution to most of them. We frantically sometimes do all we could to alleviate our situations but to no avail. In the split of a moment, let us put ourselves in the position of Hagar, imbibing her fears, anxiety and worries. What would you do when you have done all you could do? What else will you say when you’ve said all you could say? What will you do when you find yourself all alone in a crisis, in the middle of no where [figuratively]? The solution is in our dependence on the Lord by trusting His faithfulness and integrity. Let us trust the Lord impartially.

Prayer_Bead: Lover-God, thank you for your love and your grace. I ask that in my crisis, help me to look up to you as the Christ. In my mess, come through for me with a message as my Messiah.

#GNews: Unveiling the glory of God.

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