Take Jesus at His word

[The Glory Unveiled]

“Go,” Jesus replied, “your son will live.” The man took Jesus at his word and departed. ( John 4:50 )

Background to the scripture verse: The son of a royal official was terribly sick. The official came down to Galilee [where Jesus was at the time] to ask Jesus to go with him to his house to pray for his son. Now, this royal official desperately needed His son to get well. And in his desperation he thought the only way out was for Jesus to go down to his house to pray for the boy. In the verse 52 of the same chapter, you’d discover that the distance from Galilee to wherever the official lived was at least a day’s journey. But desperation convinced him to think that the surest way to save his son was to walk the Saviour down to his home on a day’s trip. He didn’t even pause to think of the possibility of losing his son before the Saviour got there. You see, often, desperation blinds us from seeing facts and truth. It narrows our realities and skews our thinking. But God be praised in the same chapter, [in our focal verse] is the solution to desperation and anxiety. It says, “the man took Jesus at his word and departed”. Whenever we can’t personally, whether physically, emotionally, intellectually or psychologically do anything about a situation, all we need to do is to fall on the word of God. Leaning against the word of God brings us peace; something desperation robs us of. Let us take Jesus at His word. Have you been told something by God that now seem to be out of date? Does it seem that it’s too late? Just take God by His word. He is not a man to lie. God will honour his word to you.

Prayer_Bead: God of all promises, who does not speak in vain, give me the grace to take you at your words to me. I thank you for my peace and freedom from tendencies of desperation.

#GNews: Unveiling the glory of God.

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