When Jesus shows up

[The Glory Unveiled]

Jesus said to him, Get up! Pick up your bed and walk! [ John 5:8 ]

The story is about an invalid who had been bedridden for 38years. He had been in that condition for so long that his predicament became his new normal. Ever been in a situation that felt like a new normal and nothing was possibly going to change about it? In such situations, we lose the ability to identify solutions and opportunities when they are presented. The invalid man in the story of today’s scriptural verse saw Jesus—his solution—as any ordinary man because his situation made him see every man in a skewed lens of perception. No matter the length of time, we must endeavor to see possibility in every crooked place. Whenever Jesus shows up at a place, He does not leave it the same. It wouldn’t matter how dark or deep a situation is when Jesus shows up. He holds the key to all problems and he encompasses all solutions. Jesus is all in all and all together able to sufficiently make enough grace available for every predicament. And as the redeemed of Jesus we have in us that life giving spirit too. We have the potential to affect situations and territories. We can and should affect our environment positively with the power of God.

Prayer_Bead: Compassionate Father and King, thank you for your mercy and grace. Let the light of your redemptive power shine in every darkness around my life.

#GNews: Unveiling the glory of God.

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