God alone has the answer

[The Glory Unveiled ]

He asked me, “Son of man, can these bones live?” I said, “O Sovereign LORD, you alone know.” ( Ezekiel 37:3 )

The Lord had taken Ezekiel, the prophet into a valley full of dry human bones. And there in the valley the Lord asked him whether the bones could receive life and live again? Ezekiel responded thus, only God knew. Now that statement right there set the tone for what would happen next. Sometimes in a crisis, we make negative confessions. We say things out of fear or anxiety and such words go to hinder the outcome we would have hoped for. A typical example was a  statement made by an Officer of the King in 2Kings 7:19. He said God could not do anything about the famine crisis in Israel even if the floodgates were opened. You know the rest of the story. He actually saw the miracle happen but he didn’t partake of it because of his confession. But here, in the valley, Ezekiel made the right assessment of the situation and realized that he couldn’t help the situation thus only God could.  Whatever situation we are confronted by, we must always live in the consciousness that God knows all things and He can change any and every circumstance. Ezekiel could have said that “Ah Lord, you know these bones cannot live again, why bother me?” And that statement would have denied him the opportunity to see for himself the power of God at work. He wouldn’t have learnt these lessons from that experience too. God can get the best out of the worst. Remember He calls light out of darkness and order out of disorder and chaos. He is God over all things, both living and dead situations. Our assignment is to put our absolute trust in Him.

Prayer_Bead: Father of creation, thank you for your Sovereignty and your love for humans. I pray that you’d help me to trust you even against the odds as Ezekiel did.

#GNews: Unveiling the glory of God.

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