Keep Quiet

[The Glory Unveiled]

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. ( Luke 2:19 )

Joseph of the Old Testament was shown a picture of his future in a dream. Upon waking up, he told his siblings about it, thinking it was a news they needed to know about. The rest of what happened to him is inscribed in the sand of history. In Luke chapter 1, it is recorded that Mary, was visited by an Angel who told her who she was carrying in her womb. And then in this chapter, she got the opportunity to hear again [emphasizing the unchanging nature of what she was told] the glory of her son. But Mary did not go about broadcasting this news of her son’s glory and uniqueness. There are times when we must keep quiet over certain inspired words; brooding over them until the word begins to live itself. Whenever God sends His word, it will perform, but the trajectory of its revelation and confirmation is sometimes dependent on the one to whom the word is sent. Let us learn to keep our mouth shut over the things that are meant to shock the world at their appointed time to the glory of God. Even though there may be the tendency or rather the temptation to want to share with loved ones and sometimes even people who do not seem to like us, so that they will be disappointed, it is wiser to keep quiet [sometimes] until God’s word announces us. Glory!

Prayer_Bead: Omnipotent Father of Mercy and Grace, thank you for the word you sent to me. Thank you for there is a performance of those words. I will keep quiet and watch to see what you will do. Hallelujah!

#GNews: Unveiling the glory of God.

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