Turn to God’s grace

[The Glory Unveiled]

For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace. ( Romans 6:14 )

Through the forbearance of God, we were all brought under the law. The scripture says, let God be true and all men liars. The devil lied to man and the law was given an opportunity to prove to us that we became slaves to sin when we disobeyed God in Adam. And so under the governance of the law, sin was our master so that our consciences could be awakened by reason of our weakness and inability to live according to the demands of God. But then this verse of Scripture also opens our eyes to another strand of revelation. Sin was only our master when we were under the law. As long as we or anyone remains under the law, they are slaves to sin. Sin is a reflection of our positions and not necessarily the acts that result from that position. So, we are already in sin when our hearts are positioned under meeting the demands of the law by ourselves. But on the other hand, sin cannot be our master under grace. Grace means we have come under the governance of Christ and into His life. Grace came by Christ and we enter into Christ by faith. Once we find ourselves in that position, sin is not an issue. For instance when the sinner on the cross changed his position to the side of grace [faith in Christ and His life] sin and death could not claim him. The question is, are you under grace or the law. Where is your trust? In yourself (like the other sinner on the cross) or in Christ like the earlier who said Jesus should remember him? Our positions determine who or what our master is. The grace of God is available. It is not far away. It starts with recognition. Acknowledge that He is Lord and that He took your position so that we can have a place in Him. And then sin cannot have dominion over you because that act puts an injunction on sin. Glory!

Prayer_Bead: Father of all things, Lord of all souls, thank you for making a way for me to you through Christ. Thank you for grace. Sin is no longer my master.

#GNews: Unveiling hearts to Christ.

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