Satan under your feet

[The Glory Unveiled]

“And the God of peace will swiftly pound Satan to a pulp under your feet! And the wonderful favor of our Lord Jesus will surround you.” [ ‭‭Romans‬ ‭16‬:‭20‬ TPT‬‬ ]

This scripture is the result of an action and a lifestyle that God instructs through the Apostle Paul for us to live by: “Be well-informed and wise concerning what is good, avoid evil, and stay pure” (Romans 16:19). The Bible states that this is a swift way that allows God to defeat Satan under our feet. Unfortunately, many people have tried, and some continue to attempt to overcome Satan in ways different from what scripture suggests, and they have been at it for years without results. The Bible provides us with the keys to every situation in its sacred texts. Regrettably, many people have their own ideas and methods. Because the word of God is woven into the very fabric of creation, it is only the word of God that can produce the desired results on Earth. This is why all the theatrics and drama associated with many modern churches do not yield any results. The enemy is only helpless in the presence of a believer who lives by the instructions given above. This is why anyone who is wise and well-informed about good things and stays pure while avoiding evil becomes a nightmare for the devil. It seems that the devil has convinced many people to do anything except the one thing he fears: purity and wisdom. Consequently, we keep ourselves busy with various matters, much like Martha, except the important things. If we obey today’s verse of scripture, we won’t need to take any action to conquer the enemy. Moreover, the wonderful favor of God will surround us when we live in wisdom and purity and stay away from evil. This is God’s remedy to keep the devil perpetually under your feet in this realm.

Prayer_Bead: Great Monarch of Zion, thank you for swiftly pounding Satan to a pulp under my feet as I stay on the corridor of wisdom and purity.

Wisdom_Quote: The world’s method does not work in God’s system.

#GNews: Unveiling the glory of God.

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