God uses anything for His glory

[The Glory Unveiled]

And they praised God because of me. ( Galatians 1:24 )

The ultimate purpose of man’s creation is for the revelation and manifestation of God’s glory. The fall of man seem to have caused a temporary ‘glitch’ in the corporate plan of God but the intentionality of God, coupled with the mysterious omniscience of His nature brought light out of the ‘glitch’ so that other aspects of His nature we wouldn’t have otherwise known could be revealed. Today’s scripture is a statement made by the apostle Paul on account of his past and life at the time. He, in the verse 23 of this chapter, stated that people heard that, the man who persecuted the church now preach to the glory of God. Apostle Paul’s past life of persecuting the church might have seem like a glitch in his personal purpose but that glitch actually brought glory to God (verse 24). God is intentional. He upholds all things and everything takes its source and true expression from Him. There’s nothing outside the confines of His totality. Let us allow God to use our errors and defects to reflect His glory.

Prayer_Bead: Father of all Glory and the heveanly lights, use everything in this Vessel of clay for your glory. Let the world see your hidden treasures through me.

#GNews: Unveiling the glory of God.

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