The Father Speaks

[The Glory Unveiled]

Father, glorify your name!” Then a voice came from heaven, “I have glorified it, and will glorify it again.” ( John 12:28 )

In the shadow of the cross, few days to His crucifixion, Jesus had a short but intense conversation with God in the presence of other people. He had prayed the words of that first line in the verse of scripture we are considering for today’s devotional study. And then immediately, almost as in a dialogue, God [the father] responded to the Son in the hearing of the people present; even though most of the people could not decipher what was said or who said it (verse 29). In the verse 30, He said that the voice of the Father was for the benefit of the crowd. Now, that goes to mean that Jesus wanted us to learn a thing or two from that encounter. The account teaches us that God is a relational God. He loves to commune with us when we pray. God speaks, God responds to us when we pray to Him. Anytime we pray to God, there should be a response from the other end of the conversation. When we truly engage in prayer, God would respond to us. He hears, He knows, He loves. When we pray, we need to be assured that God hears us. Irrespective of our location, once the terms of the conversation is met, God hears us. And if we have this assurance that God hears us, we must approach our prayer closets with confidence from hence forth (1John5:14). This should give us settled and absolute knowledge (trust) that God would do what we ask. God would glorify Christ in us when we fellowship with Him in the sincerity of heart.

Prayer_Bead: Creator of all created things, both visible and invisible, Lover of my soul, thank you for communing with me when I pray. Teach me to recognize your voice when you speak.

#GNews: Unveiling the glory of God.

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