The mechanism of Faith

[The Glory Unveiled]

And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith. ( Matthew 13:58 )

Faith is the only instrument that crystallises spiritual truth so that they can be experienced in the physical realm. Without faith every spiritual phenomenon experienced is an illusion. In the verse above, Jesus wouldn’t do many miracles in His hometown and it was not because Jesus became less God but rather that the people couldn’t see with the eyes of faith. They saw Christ as the man they knew in their community. All the spiritual realities that the people could have experientially participated in were in Christ, but the mechanism–faith–needed to translate it (draw it out) to themselves was lacking. All the miracles and healing and deliverances were seated in Christ waiting for expression by the beckoning of faith. In truth, there are spiritual protocols that cannot be overlooked; they are non negotiable when it comes to realising certain realities in the earth realm. Its amazingly worth noting that the scripture didn’t say that Jesus “couldn’t” do many miracles but that “he did not do”. This explains that Jesus could still have performed those miracles but He obeyed the protocol of faith. Without faith, our spiritual life is just a daydream. The realities we hope for, are experiential only to the degree of our faith in Christ and He alone.

Prayer_Bead: Father Lord, you who called light out of darkness, call true faith out of my heart. Help me through the word of your grace to have confidence in you.

#GNews: Unveiling the glory of God.

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