The subtle difference

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“Afterwards, when Jesus arrived at the house, his disciples asked him in private, “Why couldn’t we cast out the demon?” [ Mark‬ ‭9‬:‭28‬ TPT‬‬ ]

If there was one singular attribute that made the people recorded in the Bible more productive in their relationship with God than us, it would be the fact that the people of old had the habit of consistently turning to God to seek guidance. They did not act on assumptions or previous information; instead, they always asked God for the next directive. Regrettably, people these days often strive to receive God’s initial instructions and directives, and then proceed with their own creativity and innovation. Along this path, they often deviate from the original pattern God intended for them. David was distinguished by his constant inquiry of God before taking any action. In Judges 18:5, when the men representing the tribe of Dan arrived at Micah’s house, they inquired of God about their journey, even though they knew the purpose of their journey. Moses asked God what to do when he went to set the Israelites free. He didn’t assume that he could use any method of his choice just because God asked him to bring the Israelites out of captivity. He inquired of God every step of the way, even when faced with challenges. In the New Testament, Jesus’ disciples had been taught how to cast out demons. But when they encountered challenges, they didn’t attempt to invent solutions; instead, they went to Jesus to inquire why they couldn’t drive out the demon, and they were shown the way. So when they faced similar situations, they had the solution. The reason we often don’t see the results expected by the Word is our lack of inquiry. If we set aside our own ideas, stop depending solely on ourselves and cookbook formulas, and instead consistently turn to God, we will experience the same results as foretold in the Bible.

Prayer_Bead: Father, thank you for the revelation from your word. Please help me to keep coming back to you for the next instruction for my life and ministry.

Wisdom_Quote: Yesterday’s instruction may not solve today’s problem.

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